With ABB Infotech you can manage all of your domains worldwide using our convenient and powerful domain manager. Transfer your domains to ABB Infotech now by either having our support team assist you with the transfers or, for available extensions, transferring them automatically using authorization codes from your current registrar.

1. Use one of the two domain transfer tools (Assisted or Self-Service) below.
2. Pay a minimum of 1 year registration per domain to be transferred.
3. Complete Transfer Process using an authorization code or by responding to an email from your current registrar.
4. Begin Managing your worldwide domain portfolio using ABB Infotech's Domain Manager.

Assisted Domain Transfers

If you have a large number of domains to transfer and either do not have the authorization codes for transfer or have domains that are not able to be transferred automatically, paste or type your domains in this box and one of our expert domain support specialists will contact you to start the process of transferring them to ABB Infotech. Depending on the domains to be transferred, the process can take up to five business days.

Automated Domain Transfers

If you are a domain manager or similarly experienced user, you can transfer your domain(s) to ABB Infotech automatically if you have the authorization code(s) from your current registrar(s). See below for a list of domain extensions which are able to be transferred automatically. *If you have domains with extensions not on this list, please call our support team for assisted transfers of those domains or use the above assisted transfer tool.