Website designing in asp

ASP or Active Server Pages is the Microsoft’s first ever server-side scripting language used for generating dynamic and interactive pages. Initially, Microsoft added it as an add-on to the IIS (Internet Information Services) for Windows NT 4.0 but after its success, Microsoft included it as a free component of Windows Server after the release of Microsoft Windows 2000 Server.

uilding webpage using ASP is quite easy; all what you need to do is to learn and efficiently use various ASP built-in-objects which will be briefly discussed later. Each object will provide you with various frequently used functions that you can use for creating dynamic and interactive web pages. For instance, in ASP 2.0, there are six built-in objects; Server object, Session object, Response object, Server object, ASPError object and Application object.

Another important question that comes in the mind of almost all new ASP learners is that how ASP pages are written? Well, it is simple; all of the ASP pages are written in a scripting language. It is up to the developer, which scripting language to choose, however, most of the asp developers around the world use VBScript and some use Jscript or PerlScript as well. Just remember here that all the scripts are executed on the server so the browser needs not to support scripting. The browser only displays the ASP file. Once you learn, even the basics, about ASP, then you can create dynamic web pages, can respond to user queries, can access database along with returning the results to the browser and can also handle network traffic, at advanced level, as well.

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