Refund Policy

The following refund policy will be applicable for any web hosting account purchased on or after 23 March 2011 or web hosting account purchased prior to 4th March 2011 or email hosting. Terms & condition of refund policy as follows:

1. Customer must agree(s) that 30 Days Refund policy is applicable only on web hosting account purchased on or after 23rd March 2011, any web hosting ac purchased before 4th March 2011, email hosting packages.
2. Customer must agree that partial refunds will be issued in form of cheque payable to the billing account holder only and such refund cheque will be dispatched via registry post to the billing ac holder’s postal address as per our billing account records & any postal charges if will be not part of refundable amount.
3. Customer must agree that refund will not cover any kind of taxes, setup fees, refund processing fee, postal charges or any kind of payment processing charges or bank fee(s).
4. Customer must agree that refunds will be cover only the on-going subscription period/cycle only and will not cover any past invoices paid for the service subscription or renewal by the customer(s) side.
5. Customer must agree that they will be required to send refund request by creating a valid support ticket request using link click here. Please note that Abb Infotech will not entertain any other kind of refund’s request other than a refund request via support ticket.
6. Customer must agree that 30 Days refund policy will be applicable for pre-decided products / services by Abb Infotech only for which Abb Infotech will advertise on it’s website that the concerning service will be subjected to be covered under 30 days refund policy applicable or not on it’s product detail’s web page.
7. Customer must agree that there will be no any kind of refunds applicable on the following services including, but not limited to domain names, seo services, ssl certificates, video tutorials, email marketing, vps hosting, dedicated server hosting or any additional services such as data transfer overages, disk space overusages, any kind of upgrades, any kind of renewals, any other value added or addon services, domain registration, renewal or transfer fees, etc. which are non-refundable item(s) due to nature of the digital services provided there.
8. Customer must agree that there will be no refunds issued in case your web hosting ac was involved in violation of our terms of service or any kind of illegal or system resources overusages or after 30 days period or beyond coverage of our refund policy as noted here.
9. Customer must agree that there will be no refunds issued for any kind of renewal payments under our 30 days refund policy & thus if customer want to discontinue using the services or products offered by Abb Infotech from its next renewal onwards in such case they must not renew their such services with Abb Infotech and shall inform without making payments of renewal to Abb Infotech team via support ticket regarding such discontinuation required for such service account of them with Abb Infotech.
10. Customer must agree that B4U India Web Technologies’s liability even for its own negligence or human-errors may not be in any event exceeded than amount equivalent to charges paid by subscriber for services during the period in which such any kind of damages occurred, if any. In no event shall the B4U India Web Technologies be liable for any special or consequential loss, compensation, damages, or injury other than charges paid by subscriber for services during such period.
11. Customer must agree that for any kind of refund related query or dispute or confusions customer may feel free to contact Abb Infotech support desk by creating a support ticket by clicking here & Abb Infotech will have sole authority for any kind of such decisions related to customer’s eligibility to our anytime refund policy or not or any kind of other dispute/ confusions or refund related other queries where Abb Infotech will decide such decisions depending on different circumstances of the issue. Customer must agree that Abb Infotech will have sole authority to entertain any such kind of issues. Customer must agree that he/she will respect any kind of such decisions made by Abb Infotech side.
12. Customer must agree that in any case in the event, that if the refundable amount is below than the refund’s processing charges, in such case(s) there will be no any kind of refunds will be issued however customer will have their current services continued as it is till their next renewal date.


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